• Samuiel Bâlc Associate Professor, Baptist Theological Institute, Bucharest, Romania, Berzei Street, No. 29, Sector 1, RO-010251


Reading the history of the Church, one can observe that over time many unscriptural practices have found their place within the Church, which has led to a dilution of authentic Christian life. With the cessation of persecution and the granting of privileges, the expansion of the Church has grown, with Christianity becoming a state religion. Since the conditions by which you could have been accepted as a member of the Church were abandoned, except for baptism which is still compulsory, and since discipline was no longer applied in the Church, there has been a deep spiritual decline.

Against the backdrop of the loss of living standards and genuine Christian living, the need for a reform within the Church has been increasingly palpable. The concern of the Reformers did not only focus on a simple reformation of the Church, but instead aimed at restoring the Church according to the pattern of the Primary Church. The Reformers emphasized that the Church, according to the teachings of Scripture, is not a strong and rich institution, but a family of believers. The Church exists not because it is recognized and sustained by the state, but because God lives and works in His people. The more frequent the abuses in the Church, the more the cries for reform. This article emphasizes the importance of reform for the Church and the impact of this reform on society.

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