• Drd. Arpad M. Foszto Universitatea Aurel Vlaicu din Arad, România
Keywords: afflatus/adflatus, shekinah, Holy Spirit, theopneustos, spirits, inspiration


Afflatus: a Broader Perspective on Religious Experience and Freedom.

Afflatus/adflatus(s) is the Latin term that points to the divine inspiration or presence in humans, as the Romans and Greeks have perceived it before Christ. The topic of a divine spirit living in the human body is familiar to the ancient Hebrews as well. The lodging of God in the Tabernacle, or later, in the Temple built by Solomon, are types of the  presence of God in the believer. In this article we will present both the Latin and Christian perspectives of this topic, emphasizing the fact that this lodging of the Divine Spirit in humans should become part of the taxonomy of the spiritual experiences. This could be counted as a continuous religious experience, highly beneficial to the human spirit.


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