• Prof. univ. dr. Florica Brașoveanu Universitatea Ovidius din Constanța



reaffirmation, democratic values, global crisis, civil society, political participation


Reaffirming Democratic Values in a Time of Global Crisis.
In the context of an increasingly interconnected world affected by various global crises such as pandemics, economic conflicts or climate change, democratic values become more vulnerable and can be undermined. This paper examines the impact of crises on democratic institutions, political participation and civic engagement. It also explores how  political leaders, the media, civil society and civic education can play a key role in protecting and reaffirming democratic values in such critical contexts. The paper also presents case studies highlighting examples of countries that have succeeded in promoting and defending democratic values during global crises. In doing so, it underlines the  importance of reaffirming democratic values to maintain stability and progress in difficult times. 


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