• Dumitru A. Vanca Rev. Associate Professor PhD, "1 Decembrie 1918" University of Alba Iulia, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Romania, Gabriel Bethlen Street, No. 5, RO-510009.
Keywords: ecumenic, dialogue, ethnic and confesional groups, Transylvania, Romania


My paper seeks to point out what are thougt to be the most important aspects of the ecumenical dialog. Although the Churches are concerned with the preservation of the liturgical and ecclesial identity, referring to the eternal Kingdom of God, this seems to be an illusion. For this reason our article seeks, in a sort of apophatically aproach, to point out what is not the liturgical and ecclesial identity, ultimately reaching the conclusion that the Kingdom of Heaven must be populated by people with only one nationality, the one offered by the baptism in Christ; with only one liturgical form of praying: to praise the Lord. For this reason, the consciousness of ecumenicity must be our ultimate necessity; not melting everything in a common pot, but searching for true dialogue.

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