• Elisei Rusu, Lecturer PhD Institutul Teologic Crestin dupa Evanghelie din Bucuresti
Keywords: democratic principles, democracy, integrity, national unity, Romanian history


National unity is very important for the Romanians. After so many years of struggles and turmoil, Romania has the chance to increase her unity pursuing true democracy by implementing and following democratic principles, and by accepting and living core values like integrity. In both areas the Romanians need to act and take ownership of their  actions: implementation and application of democratic principles on a micro and macro dimensions and embracing integrity as one of the most important core values a nation has. And all these with God’s help and blessing. In this article, the author studies two important aspects of unity, social unity and moral unity. Social unity is given by  implementing and following democratic principles, and moral unity is realized by accepting and living core values like integrity.


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(pp. 131-139).

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