• Radu Gheorghe, Lecturer PhD “Athenaeum” University of Bucharest
Keywords: actual Individual Consumption, cohesion, cross-border, disparity index, environment, gap, gross domestic product, growth, imbalance, international development cooperation policy, region, cooperation, territorial development territorial profile


This article attempts to highlight a paradox of Romania’s economic and social transition process: its economic progress, which is increasingly visible in recent years, is accompanied by a complex process of deepening disparities at an intra-regional level, a process which becomes alarming, accompanied by more and more socio-economic complex  consequences. Moreover, the National Prognosis Commission’s data on the projection of the main economic and social indicators in territorial aspect are not encouraging at all, indicating for the next three years, beyond the obvious economic progress of Romania and the presence of a parallel process of increasing disparities at regional level.  


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