• Prof. univ. dr. habil. Alina-Livia Nicu Universitatea din Craiova
Keywords: regulation activity, human values, administrative law, management of crisis’situations, public administration


A Few Considerations Concerning the Specific Regulation Procedures Through Administrative Law Norms which could most adequately serve the main Purpose of Protecting Human Values in Romania.

The present study does propose an useful analysis which does concern the respective place taken and role played by administrative law among the juridical mechanisms made use of in the Romanian society in order to sustain, protect and guarantee the human values in Romania. Thirty-three years after the restoration of a democratic political  regime in Romania we have thought of as being useful to take a meditative break in order to evaluate how much useful and how much benefic could be (for the Romanian citizens themselves as well as for the foreign ones who are visiting Romania or who are carrying on in our country some social and economical activities) the administrative law’s  pertaining norms and the respective state’structures the activities of which are currently ruled over through this type of juridical norms. Our analysis is partly dedicated to taking into due consideration of the distinctive specific features of the social relationships which had been effectively acting during the respective states of emergency and alert  which had been enforced as consequences of the worldwide bursting out of the Covid-19 pandemics which we have situated into a correlative relationship with the (efficient or not) quickness of reaction in regard to it then manifested by the inside structures of the Romanian public administration. Other studied issues are respectively the ones of  the effectiveness (or not) manifested by the currently enforced administrative law’s norms in respect to the management of the occurring humanitary crises and therefore of their juridical usefulness itself. We have concluded our study by a series of de lege ferenda suggestions.


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