• Elisei Rusu, PhD Institutul Teologic Creștin după Evanghelie „Timotheus” din București, Romania
Keywords: Bible, character, integrity, social influence, religious freedom, human values


The Bible: Fundamental Source in Developing and Implementing Human Values.

It was said that human values are the most important things in life for a person, a community, a nation, and the whole world. This is true because human values give direction, consistency, and continuity to humans on their daily life and activities. At the community, national, and global level, human values keep peace, harmony, and cooperation in developing wellbeing strategies and plans at the larger scale. In this article, the author studies the human values and their sources, considering that the Bible should be one of most reliable and valuable sources for them. By showing the value of the Bible in developing and implementing human values, the author emphasizes the benefits of  applying biblical principles in developing human values in people, communities, and the whole society.


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