The Cathedral of National Salvation and the Palace of the Gospel: Desiring the Salvation of the Romanian Nation through the Gospel of Christ

  • Teodor Ioan Colda Baptist Theological Institute, Bucharest, Romania, Berzei Street, No. 29, Sector 1, RO-010251
Keywords: Romania, Orthodox Church, Protestant, Baptist, Cathedral, Bible, Communism


In this paper the author discusses the religious state of Romania after 1989 and the profound need for “salvation” which Romanians are facing. While being concerned with the religious and moral problems of the Romanian society, he argues that the Romanian people do not need more churches and they certainly do not need a Cathedral of National Salvation in order to be saved. He also stresses the dangers (religious discrimination and religious intolerance) of the nationalistic inferences that the title of the cathedral carries. The solution he proposes is taken from the historical experience of Western Europe: the Reformation that put the Bible in the hands of the people. In order to be saved Romanians need the Bible. They need the Gospel of Christ.