The right to non-discrimination and freedom of religion in the system of protection established by the European Convention and the European Court of Human Rights

  • Titus Corlatean Romanian Senate & Dimitrie Cantemir University, Bucharest, Romania, Splaiul Unirii, No.176, RO-030134
Keywords: freedom of religion, nondiscrimination, European Convention on Human Rights, Court


The freedom of religion is consecrated as a fundamental human right by both the international legal and political instruments and by the domestic legislations and protection mechanisms of the democratic societies. Nevertheless, this freedom faces many serious and dramatic challenges nowadays. The European model for the protection of the freedom of religion based on the European Convention on Human rights and its Court proves to be efficient and can serve as an important point of reference or even as a model for the other regions of the world. This will imply first of all a real political will and international solidarity.