Freedom of conscience and its importance – dialogue among monotheistic religions

  • Mihai Malancea Divitia Gratiae University, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova; University of Bucharest, Romania; TCM International Institute, Wien, Austria, Haus Edelweiss, Sattelbach#16, A-2532 Heiligenkreuz N.Ö.
Keywords: freedom of expression, community, dialogue, friendship & mutual acceptance


Freedom of expression and its importance – dialogue among the monotheistic religions. Hundreds of millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims are living in the neighborhood to each other. Therefore, it would seem that these communities know more of themselves. But in reality it`s not, these communities communicate so little, yet sharing a lot in common. For their own benefit, Jews, Christians & Muslims need to sit around the table to make known what they share and what are the differences among them.