• Conf. univ. dr. Ieremia Rusu Institutul Teologic Creștin după Evanghelie „Timotheus”
Keywords: human rights, submission, civil disobedience, government, ethics


Human rights and civil disobedience from the perspective of Christian ethics.

Some of the fundamental human rights have been limited on a global scale to solve the health crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. In the context of affecting human rights, the issue of civil disobedience is much more acute, not only in the  tyrannical, corrupt regimes, but even in the consolidated democracies of the world. What should be the atitude of Christians to the abuses of the governments? Three positions have been establish in Christian ethics: anarchism, radical patriotism,  and biblical submissionism. In order to understand the biblical passages, the distinction between submission and obedience is very important. Submission is a heart attitude of recognizing that human authority is delegated by God, and  obedience is action, to fulfil the requirements of the authority. In the last part of the study, the author proposes some practical solutions how a Christian can defend the human rights, remaining submissive to the authorities, even if sometimes he  has to resort  to civil disobedience.


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