• Conf. univ. dr. Cristian Caraman Institutul Teologic Baptist din București
  • Dr. Emanuel-Cristian Caraman
Keywords: dignity, religious freedom, music, humanity, Christianity


The Influence of Music over Human Dignity and Freedom of Expression

The significance of meanings that characterizes the work of a great personality of the 21st century, such as the illustrious figure of Pope Francis, we can see how important the union of all Christendom is under the same cause of human dignity  and religious freedom. It has often been the call of His Holiness for understanding brotherhood, human dignity, and the eradication of dissensions that have marked centuries of mankind’s history. From a certain point of view all the differences  found in the many religious practices from a dogmatic and cultic perspective, are also due to an insufficient knowledge of all ideas presented. Within this context music demonstrates to need for this unity amongst christian factions, with the  superior idea of faith as a vital guiding principle that has the purpose of combating the essential evil. The present paper advocates the understanding of the perennial values of the great Romanian Christian communities that could serve the  knowledge of the truth by which the Christian faith, through music, gains an important stage in the dialogues between the main Christian orientations - Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant-Evangelical. Humanity continues its struggle to reach a  superior level of affirmation of its ideals, and Christianity, under its many forms strengthens these efforts.


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